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How the journey began...

Every good story starts with a love story, right? Well, it's no different for us. "Us" being the owners and managers here at the Sugar Maple Barn, Ryan and Amy Demler. We were married almost 17 years ago, only 20 years old, and no clue what we were doing. All we knew was that at such a young age we were incredibly lucky to have found one another, and so we wasted no time in becoming a family. We had our first son shortly after our first anniversary, and ended up with two more handsome but rambunctious boys in the following 9 years. Life with all boys is always interesting! They don't do well being confined to small spaces, so when they were a little older and we outgrew our little suburban home we decided we needed space. Space not just in our home but on our property. We went from 1/8 of an acre to 10! It was a huge change moving to the country, but we were all longing for peace. We found it here. Shortly after moving, the idea of expanding came up and soon we were talking about building a barn. Ryan, the ultimate entrepreneur, already had a new business forming in his mind. After spending years with couples planning their big wedding day as a DJ, the idea was so appealing to him to provide the perfect space for weddings and parties, that he decided this was going to be it! We had the space, the atmosphere, the knowledge of what people were looking for, and soon The Sugar Maple Barn was born.

We decided then that we were going to renew our vows and have the wedding we had always wanted. When we married at 20, we followed protocol for a traditional wedding: a church, fancy clothing, a ballroom with fake flowers and hors d'oeuvres to dine on. It was lovely, but I think we both realized that it wasn't really "us" as we grew older. We decided this time we were going to do what felt right to us...comfortable, relaxed, intimate, and with a beautiful country feel. So, we became our first "clients" and renewed our vows here. It was EVERYTHING we could have wanted. The barn lent itself to the simplistic yet chic feel we were going for. Everyone who came felt at home and it was the best party we have ever thrown. It was then that we knew we made the right choice. Everyone who will be married here will get to experience things the way THEY planned. Our ultimate goal here is to give them the wedding of their dreams without having to take out a loan! Weddings don't have to break the bank if you do it right. We were able to have the vow renewal of our dreams and not spend a fortune. That is what we want for everyone. We want them to have the ability to celebrate the most special day of their lives without the crushing weight of having to pay on it for years to come.

The thing about our business here that's different than most, is that we do it as a family. We, along with Ryan's mom, dad, and sister, all run this business together. We want it to be the legacy we pass on to our boys some day. Everyone is invested and so we all work hard to make it successful. Someone is always coming up with new ideas to make this place better and more efficient and beautiful, all with costs at a minimum because we do the work ourselves. It's a true labor of love here and we are all so proud of the accomplishments we've made. This place was built with literal blood, sweat, and tears! We hope our clients know that we are committed to making EVERY event here special for each person and each event. Our passion for this places spills out into wanting to help every individual who chooses us as their place to say "I do", or "I do, again" or "happy birthday", "happy shower", happy "whatever special thing it is"! It's our heart and soul going into this and we hope every client here feels that.

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