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How many guests can the barn hold?

The barn can seat 100 people inside depending upon setup. We can seat an additional 50 people outside the barn. If you are wanting the outside seating to be covered you will be responsible for renting a tent. 

Is there a deposit required?

Yes, to reserve your date there is a $1000 non-refundable deposit due at the time of booking the barn. We can work with you for a payment plan for the remaining balance. The balance is due in full one ( 1 ) month before your event.

Do we have to get day of insurance?

Yes & this is for your safety.  First check with your Homeowner’s Insurance to see if they can add a rider for you.  Another option is to go to & select weddings.  It will quote you and walk you through the process.  For 100 people its around $99. We can help walk you through that process if you need help. 

Do you allow alcohol?

Yes, two of our packages include a 'day of permit' (we help guide you on this) and you can purchase and bring in your own beer, wine and champagne only. No hard alcohol is allowed with this permit. 

YOU MUST USE A LICENSED AND INSURED BARTENDER and last call is one hour before the end of the event, this gives guests time to sober up. 

Can I bring in my own HARD alcohol?

No. This is grounds for ending the party immediately. 

When is the barn open during the season?

Because we are not fully climate controlled our season runs May through the end of October. We have done a few weekends before and after that as well. It all depends upon the weather. 

May I bring in my own decorations?

Yes. You can use ours or bring yours or mix and match. Nothing though that will damage the barn, nails tape staples are prohibited. 3M strips and large thumbtacks are allowed and work the best. 

How long do we get for setup and tear down?

With a one day booking you get use of the grounds from 8am the day of the event until midnight. The party ends at 11:00pm and cleanup begins. All guests must be off the property by midnight. You can reserve 4 hours the night before for setup, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner etc if you book the Ultimate Package. 

Do you allow open flame?

No open flame is allowed inside the barn. You have bring LED candles. You are allowed to have open flame outside the barn. 

Can we use fresh flowers?

Yes you may use fresh flowers, just know we do not have a way of disposing of fresh flowers and you are responsible for taking the flowers with you. 

Do you have parking?

We have two gravel parking lots for approx 60 cars, plus a private drive close to the barn for unloading and loading. If you plan on having more than 120 guests, we suggest car-pooling, or providing a shuttle bus from hotels or other parking lots close to the Barn.

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